This is my daughter’s second year with Cartesion Dance Academy. We have seen so much growth in her dancing ability in just one year, it was amazing. This was a girl who didn’t want to dance, she had tried classes at other places and didn’t like them. When we went to see Miss Cinthia, our daughter was ready to go. Miss Cinthia has such a great personality, she put her right at ease and want to dance. There has been no turning back, she couldn’t wait for the new classes to start this year, literally driving us crazy to get back to Miss Cinthia’s and start dancing. She’d dance all day if she could. I credit this to Miss Cinthia. She showed our daughter the love of dance, the right way. Always positive reinforcement, always taking the time to help with the correct techniques, she just does it right. I love checking out the class in the window and see some of the new moves. Most of all I love to see my daughter there, focused on Miss Cinthia and what she’s teaching them to do and having a good time. If you haven’t experienced Cartesion Dance Academy, you’re missing out. I don’t see us taking our daughter anywhere else, everything she needs to learn is here. We are proud to be part of the Cartesion Dance Family.

Lisa P.

At Cartesion Dance Academy I’ve always felt right at home with Miss Cinthia! She is one of the hardest working teachers I have ever encountered. Her studio is lovingly run by her own family and in turn she makes each and every one of her students feel as if they are part of an extended family as well. She always has a smile on her face and her love for dance that she shares with all makes her students want to work that much harder to be better dancers, friends and a great team! Her dedication to making Cartesion a friendly but professional environment for students and families has really earned respect from all of us. We very much enjoy the JOY she shares and the PRIDE her students feel whenever they dance for her as well as the community. Miss Cinthia along with her Mother Jeanette & fiance CJ put so much time and effort into making Cartesion a wonderful place to bring our dancers and I hope to be a part of that family for a long time! Thank you!

The Porcano Family

Cartesion Dance Academy has become an important part of our everyday lives, from adult classes to children classes to daddy daughter daughter dances, Cinthia’s fun but educational style has captivated our entire family.

The Piel Family

Miss Cinthia is a gem! My daughter was 5 yrs. old when she started dancing at Cartesion Dance Academy.
From the moment she met Miss Cinthia, her self confidence has grown tremendously. This is an amazing thing for a mother to witness. Whenever she doubts her ability to do something, all she needs to do is see her teacher, and she will quickly say, I can do it!

Miss Cinthia knows how to bring the best out of each child, and her dedication to her students is truly amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better teacher for my daughter. Seeing the connection between teacher & student reminds me constantly that we made the right choice.

Ms. Jeanette & CJ put a perfect finishing touch on the academy by always making you feel welcomed & part of a big extended family. Cartesion Dance Academy truly is the best!

Jackie Caruso

Cartesion dance studio is the best studio out there! They take their time to meet your needs & are always understanding! We couldn’t ask for a better dance studio for our daughter!

Carolyn Bravo


Great dance teacher/owner, she really takes time with the kids to make sure they are doing their moves right. My daughter loves coming to dance and has come out of her shell of shyness.

Jenna R.

Our daughter has been dancing at CDA since they opened in 2012. We have been floored with how far she has come over the years. Our daughter has been dancing at CDA since they opened in 2012. We have been floored with how far she has come over the years.

Lisa P.

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